Tecnica Attuariale Sociale

Autore del Libro: Ermanno Pitacco, Michel Denuit, Steven Haberman, Annamaria Olivieri

Mortality improvements, uncertainty in future mortality trends and the relevant impact on life annuities and pension plans constitute important topics in the field of actuarial mathematics and life insurance techniques. In particular, actuarial calculations concerning pensions, life annuities and other living benefits (provided, for example, by long-term care insurance products [...]

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Autore del Libro: Annamaria Olivieri, Ermanno Pitacco

The book aims at presenting technical and financial features of life insurance, non-life insurance, pension plans. The book has been planned assuming non-actuarial readers as its "natural" target, namely - advanced undergraduate and graduate students in Economics, Business and Finance; - professionals and technicians operating in Insurance and pension areas, [...]

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