Environmental Statistics

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Editore: North-Holland (aprile 1994)
Collana: Handbook of Statistics
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ISBN-10: 0444898034
ISBN-13: 978-0444898036
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The question of what environmental statistics is about is particularly important when it comes to the formulation of relevant research and training, whether in academia, agencies, or industries. This volume aims to give a new perception on the subject with some examples that are of concern and interest today. Environmental statistics is in a take-off stage both for reasons of societal challenge and statistical opportunity, and is demanding more and more from non-traditional and innovative statistical approaches. The chapters in this volume, which are specially prepared by several outstanding professionals involved in statistics and the environment, discuss the current state of the art in diverse areas of environmental statistics. The volume provides new perspectives and problems for future research, training, policy and regulation. It will be valuable to researchers, teachers, consultants and graduate students in statistics, environmental statistics, statistical ecology, and quantitative environmental sciences in academia, industries, governmental agencies, laboratories and libraries.