Experimental Statistics Using Minitab
Colin Weatherup

Experimental Statistics using Minitab exploits the availability of the statistical computer package Minitab to explain advanced statistical concepts related to the design and analysis of experiments in an intuitive and easily comprehended manner. This is achieved with a minimum of mathematical knowledge using the data generating and analysing features of [...]

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Experimental Statistics for Agriculture and Horticulture
Clive Ireland

Providing practical training supported by a sound theoretical basis, this textbook introduces students to the principles of investigation by experiment and the role of statistics in analysis. It draws on the author’s extensive teaching experience and is illustrated with fully worked contextualized examples throughout, helping the reader to correctly design [...]

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Experimental Statistics
Mary Gibbons Natrella

Formulated to assist scientists and engineers engaged in army ordnance research and development programs, this well-known and highly regarded handbook is a ready reference for advanced undergraduate and graduate students as well as for professionals seeking engineering information and quantitative data for designing, developing, constructing, and testing equipment. Topics include [...]

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