Computational Statistics Handbook with MATLAB
Wendy L. Martinez, Angel R. Martinez

As with the bestselling first edition, Computational Statistics Handbook with MATLAB®, Second Edition covers some of the most commonly used contemporary techniques in computational statistics. With a strong, practical focus on implementing the methods, the authors include algorithmic descriptions of the procedures as well as examples that illustrate the use [...]

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Computational Statistics: An Introduction to R
Günther Sawitzki

Suitable for a compact course or self-study, Computational Statistics: An Introduction to R illustrates how to use the freely available R software package for data analysis, statistical programming, and graphics. Integrating R code and examples throughout, the text only requires basic knowledge of statistics and computing. This introduction covers one-sample analysis [...]

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Computational Statistics
James E. Gentle

Computational inference is based on an approach to statistical methods that uses modern computational power to simulate distributional properties of estimators and test statistics. This book describes computationally intensive statistical methods in a unified presentation, emphasizing techniques, such as the PDF decomposition, that arise in a wide range of methods. [...]

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Computational Statistics
Geof H. Givens, Jennifer A. Hoeting

This new edition continues to serve as a comprehensive guide tomodern and classical methods of statistical computing. Thebook is comprised of four main parts spanning the field: * Optimization * Integration and Simulation * Bootstrapping * Density Estimation and Smoothing Within these sections,each chapter includes a comprehensiveintroduction and step-by-step implementation summaries [...]

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The C Programming Language: ANSI C Version
Brian W. Kernighan

This book is meant to help the reader learn how to program in C. It is the definitive reference guide, now in a second edition. Although the first edition was written in 1978, it continues to be a worldwide best-seller. This second edition brings the classic original up to date [...]

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Modern Applied Statistics With S-Plus
W. N. Venables, B. D. Ripley, Brian D. Ripley

S-PLUS is a powerful environment for the statistical and graphical analysis of data. It provides the tools to implement many statistical ideas which have been made possible by the widespread availability of workstations having good graphics and computational capabilities. This is a guide to using S-PLUS to perform statistical analyses. [...]

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