Environmental Statistics: Methods and Applications

In modern society, we are ever more aware of the environmental issues we face, whether these relate to global warming, depletion of rivers and oceans, despoliation of forests, pollution of land, poor air quality, environmental health issues, etc. At the most fundamental level it is necessary to monitor what is [...]

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Environmental Statistics
Ganapati P. Patil (Autore, a cura di), C. Radhakrishna Rao (a cura di)

The question of what environmental statistics is about is particularly important when it comes to the formulation of relevant research and training, whether in academia, agencies, or industries. This volume aims to give a new perception on the subject with some examples that are of concern and interest today. Environmental [...]

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Distributional Analysis With L-Moment Statistics Using the R Environment for Statistical Computing

This monograph (2nd printing) is the most complete account to date of L-moment statistics in the context of distributional analysis using an open-source programming environment—the R environment for statistical computing. The target audience are engineers/scientists with limited backgrounds in statistics and computer programming but with responsibilities in analyzing highly non-Normal, [...]

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Statistica Applicata alla Ricerca Biologica e Ambientale


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Analisi statistica dei dati per la valutazione d’impatto ambientale
Orazio Rossi, Angelo Pecci

La sperimentazione per la valutazione d'impatto ambientale (VIA) in Italia è prevista e regolata dalla Legge (D. L. 152/2006 e successive modificazioni). L'obiettivo essenziale del libro è quello di presentare e, in definitiva, di introdurre nella sperimentazione d'impatto ambientale in Italia i principi statistici di base per la raccolta e [...]

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