Survival Analysis Using SAS: A Practical Guide

Easy to read and comprehensive, Survival Analysis Using SAS: A Practical Guide, Second Edition, by Paul D. Allison, is an accessible, data-based introduction to methods of survival analysis. Researchers who want to analyze survival data with SAS will find just what they need with this fully updated new edition that [...]

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Unofficial Sas Data Analysis Certification and Interview Questions
Terry Sanchez-clark

The Ultimate Reference & Learning Guide for SAS© Statistics careers! Over 150 Certification Questions, Answers, and Explanations It's clear that SAS Statistics is the future for analysis of large data sets in public and private enterprise - but finding good reference materials can be difficult. Now, for the first time, [...]

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The Little SAS Book: A Primer
Lora, Slaughter, Susan Delwiche

A classic that just keeps getting better, The Little SAS Book is essential for anyone learning SAS programming. Lora Delwiche and Susan Slaughter offer a user-friendly approach so readers can quickly and easily learn the most commonly used features of the SAS language. Each topic is presented in a self-contained, [...]

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